What's Driving Open Source?

5d0a18a1c274f018b9262c848b023da0?s=47 Simon Phipps
September 11, 2012

What's Driving Open Source?

Keynote at OSS2012, Hammamet, Tunisia.

Since the term "open source" was formalised as a term to describe the pragmatic application of software freedom, back in 1998, open source has moved from being a disruptive force on the software market to becoming the assumed heart of any new activity. As we approach 15 years of open source, what are the forces driving it today? We'll explore trends in community structure, licensing, technology and competitive forces to identify the key force vectors. Finally we'll consider how OSI is changing to match this evolution.

Hybrid PDF (editable with LibreOffice): https://speakerd.s3.amazonaws.com/presentations/504f2fd56930920002060c29/OSS2012-Keynote-Phipps.pdf


Simon Phipps

September 11, 2012