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Practical introduction to Golang (Codemotion Rome 2015)

Practical introduction to Golang (Codemotion Rome 2015)

Simone Carletti

March 27, 2015

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  1. Prac%cal introduc%on to Golang Codemo%on Rome 2015 - March 27,

 Happy Birthday GOLANGIT! Simone Carle4 // @weppos
  2. @weppos and more…

  3. We are polyglot

  4. golang.org

  5. @steve is deploying via Go

  6. @steve executes dig

  7. Live coding session! The project is now available at hTps://github.com/weppos/gomo%on2015

  8. Thanks! @weppos simonecarle4.com .com