Valiantly Validating Vagrant with Vagabond

Valiantly Validating Vagrant with Vagabond

A talk on vagrant, integration testing, ops, and funny pictures. Delivered at Ruby Hoedown 2011.


Will Farrington

August 26, 2011


  1. 1.

    Valiantly Validating Vagrant with Vagabond And other words that start

    with the letter ‘V’ Friday, August 26, 11
  2. 15.

    describe file(“/etc/motd”) do it { should exist } it {

    should have_content( /welcome to zombocom/ )} end Friday, August 26, 11
  3. 16.

    describe service(“apache2”) do it { should be_running } it {

    should respond_on(8080) } end Friday, August 26, 11
  4. 17.

    gem install vagabond --pre NEXT WEEK This past week was

    busy with one of our engineers moving on to go work for GitHub Friday, August 26, 11
  5. 27.

    Questions! I’ll ask you - the ones you ask me

    come later. Friday, August 26, 11
  6. 32.

    We talk all day long about TDD... and then never

    test our infrastructure. Friday, August 26, 11
  7. 33.

    Code is Code even if we’re using a DSL to

    write it Friday, August 26, 11
  8. 42.

    “We are about contribution. That's what our job is. It’s

    not about impressing people. It’s not about getting the next job. It’s about contributing something.” — Benjamin Zander Friday, August 26, 11
  9. 45.

    The product is: Your Business Important to Your Business More

    Important than You (to your business) Friday, August 26, 11
  10. 50.

    “I play music because it is my calling in life.

    I hope it conveys a joy and benevolence that people can apply to their own lives and thus improve, if only in the tiniest way, the quality of life on earth.” — Tom Grant Friday, August 26, 11
  11. 57.

    P.S. We’re hiring. Like ops? Have ops/sysadmin experience? I’d like

    to get you a beverage of your choice and talk! Friday, August 26, 11