Growing your Slack app

Growing your Slack app

This talk was given at the San Francisco Slack Developer Meetup in June 2017


Wilhelm Klopp

June 21, 2017


  1. Growth Wilhelm Klopp - SF Slack Dev Meetup, June 2017

  2. Wilhelm Klopp • GitHub Intern • Student at UCL in

    London • Creator of Simple Poll @wilhelmklopp
  3. Simple Poll • Launched in January 2016 • Now 14th

    most popular app • One of the fastest growing apps on the directory @wilhelmklopp
  4. SEO New User Acquisition @wilhelmklopp vs

  5. SEO <title>Your App Name for Slack</title> @wilhelmklopp Tip 1

  6. Permissions @wilhelmklopp

  7. Permissions @wilhelmklopp Fewer permissions = More installs

  8. Permissions @wilhelmklopp Fewer scary permissions = More installs

  9. Permissions @wilhelmklopp Use the least OAuth scopes you possibly can

    Tip 2
  10. Slack Rank &sort=popularity @wilhelmklopp

  11. App Directory @wilhelmklopp Base Unit Active Tokens

  12. App Directory @wilhelmklopp High discoverability Lots of users install app

    App rank increases App is ranked highly
  13. App Directory @wilhelmklopp Categories Tip 3

  14. App Directory @wilhelmklopp Add to Slack button Tip 4

  15. #BONUSTIP Getting Featured @wilhelmklopp 3x your normal installs for 2

  16. Summary @wilhelmklopp 1. Put “ for Slack” in the <title>

    for SEO 2. Use the least OAuth scopes you possibly can 3. Be part of 3 categories 4. Make install super obvious with Add to Slack BONUS: Ask to get featured on the app directory