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Pragmatic APIs 101 (Symfony Camp UA)

by William Durand

Published October 29, 2016 in Programming

Over the last five years, I have studied REST and HTTP APIs a lot. Nowadays, everyone claims to have a REST API, yet the REST architecture is complex and not really practicable in real life. In this talk, we will see that it does not matter to be 100% REST-compliant, and above all, how to build an API in a pragmatic manner.


Online slides: https://monod.lelab.tailordev.fr/f90f0b1a-ee04-4dbd-a12e-ec75f9c3a145#Q8Jg0lBfiskYIji4wY9fqIu3Z6CU0g+HeapaVNhAR+M=
Sources: https://github.com/willdurand-slides/pragmatic-apis-101