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Go-ing Quickly With GoBuffalo

Go-ing Quickly With GoBuffalo

A brief introduction to GoBuffalo, the Go web development ecosystem, designed to make your life easier. From my talk given at GoSheffield, March 5th 2020.

William Gough

March 05, 2020

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  1. Hi, I’m Will Gough. - Remote Software Engineer @ Utility

    Warehouse - Writing Go professionally for ~2 years. - @whg_codes - devtheweb.io
  2. ➔ GoBuffalo? ➔ Demo Time for a demo app built

    specifically for the GoSheff meetup ➔ Building the application A review of the steps taken to produce the demo application ➔ Thoughts Some reflections to leave you with…
  3. What is it? - Buffalo CLI - Routing - Templating

    - Testing - Development workflow with Hot Code Reloading - Frontend pipeline e.g Webpack & yarn as default - ORM (Pop) - Support for background tasks/workers “A Go web development ecosystem, designed to make your life easier”
  4. Closing thoughts... - Great for prototyping or shipping an MVP/POC

    (these slides took twice as long as the app) - Ideal for building that new site your dad’s friend wants really quick - Contributors do a fantastic job with it and are super helpful in the #buffalo channel (gophers slack) - It’s not yet v1
  5. Thanks for listening! If you have any questions, feel free

    to ask them now or grab me afterwards. I’ll do my best to answer!