Fear Not the Machine of State!

Fear Not the Machine of State!

Do your application’s objects have properties like ‘status’ or ‘state’, boolean properties like ‘active’, ‘paid’ or ‘published’, nullable timestamp properties like ‘paid_on’ or ‘published_at’? These are all good indicators that your project may benefit from the introduction of a State Machine. Proper use of a State Machine can mean less bugs, less undefined behavior, and a more clearly defined API to your object’s internal state, yet many developers are reluctant to use them in their projects, fearing unnecessary complexity, difficult integration or a steep learning curve. The good news is that these concerns are largely unfounded! Join us as we explore the State Machine’s theoretical underpinnings, examine its practical application including examples of its use in popular open source projects, and review available PHP resources for easily leveraging the power of the State Machine in your own projects.



July 23, 2015