More with Less: Make Better Products by Making Companies Better

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March 26, 2012

More with Less: Make Better Products by Making Companies Better

When the volume of design projects steadily grows while your team's capacity remains constant, traditional design processes fall apart. You find yourself agonizing over which projects to favor and which to neglect, which corners to cut, and which precious few fundamentals to defend.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Using stories from real teams, I'll explore how overworked designers have successfully broken free from the daily grind, reinvented themselves as design facilitators and coaches, and taught their companies to practice better design at all levels.

Attendees will leave with a new way of looking at their roles within their companies, a set of collaborative design techniques and methods to explore, and a renewed belief that they can help their companies deliver good design for all projects.

Presented on March 25, 2012, at IA Summit 2012 in New Orleans, LA.



March 26, 2012