Building an Umbrella Project

5af347d330e59ac194cdfc355e237e44?s=47 Wojtek Mach
September 02, 2016

Building an Umbrella Project

One of the many goals that both Elixir & Phoenix share is developer’s productivity. There can be two aspects of productivity: short-term and long-term.
In this talk we’ll explore how using Elixir’s umbrella project feature can help with long-term productivity when working with potentially large codebases. As a example we’ll walk through building an imaginary system: Acme Bank. We will see how we can break up this system into a collection of smaller applications, each of which has a well defined boundary, domain model, set of responsibilities, and can be worked on independently. We’ll compare this approach to microservices-based architecture which is being adopted by many organizations and we’ll see if we can achieve some of the benefits without incurring some of the drawbacks.


Wojtek Mach

September 02, 2016