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Getting Into Vue.js

Getting Into Vue.js

Presentation I gave at MelbJS about Vue.js and an application I built using it with Amazon Cognito.

Mark Wolfe

March 08, 2017

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  1. Vue.js • Javascript Framework • Easy to get started •

    Helps you provide win to users • Small and Fast
  2. vue init <template> • Starter templates • webpack • webpack-simple

    • simple • Developer experience is front and centre!
  3. Testing!? • Mocha / Chai used for unit testing •

    Nightwatch for e2e testing • Documentation is very thin for testing
  4. UI Toolkits • Vue Material • Element UI • This

    one even has tests! • I just used bootstrap..
  5. Amazon Cognito • Identity as a service • Designed for

    Web and Mobile applications • Tightly integrated into the AWS “serverless" ecosystem • Rich API
  6. Identity As a Service? • Sign Up • Verify your

    Email or Mobile No • Sign In • Supports MFA • Password Change and Recovery • Server side encryption of ALL data • Save User Settings • No Servers where harmed during setup..
  7. Configuring Cognito • Configure an internal pool of users •

    Associate that pool with the identity service • Assign some IAM policies • Include the SDK in your application
  8. Register (1) Amazon Cognito User Pools Verification SMS or Email

    (2) Confirmation (3) Authenticate Via SRP (5) JWT Token (6) Sucessful Registration (4)
  9. Takeaways • Vue.js is great “framework” for those getting started

    with new world SPA. • Lots to learn from their approach to developer happiness • Security should always be front and centre when building web applications • Amazon Cognito is great if you are already working in AWS