Hire Me! I'm Great at Quitting.

Hire Me! I'm Great at Quitting.

You have the right to be happy at work — why would we want it to be any other way? As our careers as Ruby developers flourish, amazing new opportunities will require you to quit a job that you may love or loathe. It's OK to quit. If you want to learn how to gracefully leave your job with a solid game plan, an educated successor, and without burning bridges, this talk is for you.


Brittany Martin

November 19, 2019


  1. 1.

    I’m Great At Hire Me, B r i t t

    a n y M a r t i n R u b y c o n f 2 0 1 9 ting! Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin
  2. 11.

    6 Full-Time Jobs 2 Freelancing Clients 2 Open Source Projects

    1 Career 8 Part-Time Jobs 1 Sport Certified Quitter Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin
  3. 16.

    Late Show Omg Gif By The Late Show With Stephen

    Colbert Terrifying Tales Of Quitting Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin
  4. 18.
  5. 28.

    Career & Job Satisfaction Extremely dissatisfied 3.6% Moderately dissatisfied 9.1%

    Slightly dissatisfied 10.2% Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin
  6. 29.

    What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

    Question: Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin Credit: Galantis
  7. 30.

    Working in a different or more specialized technical role than

    the one I’m in now 33.9% Working as a founder or co-founder of my own company 25.7% Doing the same work 19.4% Working as an engineering manager or other functional manager 9.9% Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin
  8. 32.

    Less than a year ago 32.4% 1-2 years ago 26.8%

    3-4 years ago 14.5% More than 4 years ago 18.3% I've never had a job 3.8% Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin Credit: Andrey Grushnikov
  9. 80.

    The Quitting Kit Recap Brittany Martin @BrittJMartin Professionalism Discomfort Stand

    Firm Resist Temptation Tame the Reaction Succinct Communication Defeat Bus Theory Tax Slayer Emotionally Detach Optional: Successor Recommendation Exit Interview