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You made it, now use it

E8ea053f7813c4e2ea7614ab957476ac?s=47 Ben Brown
April 09, 2013

You made it, now use it

Get more from your content using context aware design techniques, and by curating your archive of content into a back catalog of desirable products.

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Ben Brown

April 09, 2013


  1. @benbrown / @XOXCO You made it Now use it.

  2. Ben Brown @benbrown

  3. @benbrown / @XOXCO I’ve been making websites for a long

  4. @benbrown / @XOXCO This is my website from 15 years

  5. @benbrown / @XOXCO 2000

  6. 2003

  7. 2006

  8. @benbrown / @XOXCO I work at XOXCO Pronounced “ex oh

    ex co” @XOXCO
  9. @benbrown / @XOXCO Publish your content to tablet, smartphone and

    ereader in beautiful, native formats
  10. @benbrown / @XOXCO Text I AM NOT YELLING AT YOU

  11. @benbrown / @XOXCO READER AWARE DESIGN

  12. @benbrown / @XOXCO RAD

  13. @benbrown / @XOXCO We collect a lot of information about

    our readers.
  14. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  15. @benbrown / @XOXCO We rarely use this info in service

    of the reader.
  16. @benbrown / @XOXCO Responsive Design

  17. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  18. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  19. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  20. @benbrown / @XOXCO Screen size is just one type of

    context clue
  21. @benbrown / @XOXCO Data from Analytics + Techniques from RWD

  22. @benbrown / @XOXCO This used to be hard.

  23. @benbrown / @XOXCO Now it is easy-ish.

  24. @benbrown / @XOXCO Tools

  25. @benbrown / @XOXCO Aware.js

  26. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  27. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  28. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  29. @benbrown / @XOXCO EXAMPLES

  30. @benbrown / @XOXCO :visited

  31. @benbrown / @XOXCO Change text color

  32. @benbrown / @XOXCO Change background color

  33. @benbrown / @XOXCO Change text, background and border color

  34. @benbrown / @XOXCO You’re only allowed to change: color background-color

  35. @benbrown / @XOXCO You’re only allowed to change: color background-color

    border-color But, you can change it on:
  36. @benbrown / @XOXCO You’re only allowed to change: color background-color

    border-color But, you can change it on: a tag :before and :after any child tag
  37. @benbrown / @XOXCO Change Child Tags

  38. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  39. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  40. @benbrown / @XOXCO New vs Returning

  41. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  42. @benbrown / @XOXCO • What is the first thing a

    new reader should read? • Where can readers find your very best stuff? • What else does a reader need to know to get the most out of your content?
  43. @benbrown / @XOXCO Welcome, new reader! The first thing you

    should read is, "What the heck is this site anyway?" Or, explore the 20 best posts from 2012. Or, browse our library of ebooks that collect the best articles we've ever published.
  44. @benbrown / @XOXCO Returning Readers • How can a returning

    reader quickly assess what has changed since the last visit? • How can we help regular readers keep their place in the stream of information we provide? • Can we optimize for importance rather than newness?
  45. @benbrown / @XOXCO New Flags

  46. @benbrown / @XOXCO “ Handy!

  47. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  48. @benbrown / @XOXCO Relative Bookmarks

  49. @benbrown / @XOXCO Genius! ➜

  50. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  51. @benbrown / @XOXCO Returning visitors come in lots of shapes

    and sizes
  52. @benbrown / @XOXCO Reader who reads your site 6 times

    a day, keeping it open in a tab at all times
  53. @benbrown / @XOXCO Reader who reads your site 6 times

    a day, keeping it open in a tab at all times Reader who reads your site once every three days, in the evening, on a tablet
  54. @benbrown / @XOXCO First Visit of the Day

  55. @benbrown / @XOXCO Time of Day

  56. @benbrown / @XOXCO MERCHANDISING

  57. @benbrown / @XOXCO In the broadest sense, merchandising is any

    practice which contributes to the sale of products to a retail consumer. At a retail in- store level, merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

  59. @benbrown / @XOXCO OK now you’ve got a super awesome,

    responsive, reader aware homepage that provides the perfect interface for every person who visits your site.
  60. @benbrown / @XOXCO YOUR BACK CATALOG

  61. @benbrown / @XOXCO Where do old posts go when they

    die? Where do old posts go when they die?
  62. @benbrown / @XOXCO

  63. @benbrown / @XOXCO We create things at an amazing pace.

  64. @benbrown / @XOXCO The tech writers at Pando Daily write

    10,000 words a day
  65. @benbrown / @XOXCO Every 2 weeks, they write A NOVEL’S

    WORTH of text
  66. @benbrown / @XOXCO Every year, they write 25 books worth

    of text.
  67. @benbrown / @XOXCO Boing has 6,000 pages of archives

  68. @benbrown / @XOXCO Gawker has 4,000 pages of archives

  69. Page 1

  70. Page 2

  71. Page 5869

  72. @benbrown / @XOXCO Mt.Everest 5.5 Miles

  73. @benbrown / @XOXCO Mt.Everest 5.5 Miles Boing Boing 7.5 miles

  74. @benbrown / @XOXCO Mt.Everest 5.5 Miles Boing Boing 7.5 miles

  75. @benbrown / @XOXCO For an industry obsessed with performance and

    design and optimization, we do a terrible job of organizing our archives.
  76. @benbrown / @XOXCO Content has a lifecycle

  77. @benbrown / @XOXCO • Curate your archives • Republish things

    back onto the homepage • Repackage things into new formats, for new audiences
  78. /ebooks


  80. best-of-berkun

  81. @benbrown / @XOXCO We want to help digital publishers continue

    the long tradition of creating distinct artifacts of their time, to take the important things out of the stream and put them in context, their proper place in space-time.
  82. @benbrown / @XOXCO The Weekly Edition

  83. @benbrown / @XOXCO The Zero Day Ebook

  84. @benbrown / @XOXCO WANT MORE? Sign up for XOXO Dispatch
  85. @benbrown / @XOXCO THANKS! @benbrown @XOXCO