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Instaflirting to Instadating

September 07, 2012

Instaflirting to Instadating

Finding love in Social Media - how non-traditional channels for dating are becoming quiiiite effective...


September 07, 2012

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  1. Only 40% of Singaporeans have tried online dating ...but what

    is online dating? match.com? okcupid.com? Friday, September 7, 12
  2. “It’s quite possibly the most voyeuristic social network available now

    – it can be a very intimate visual diary of someone’s life.” Friday, September 7, 12
  3. “It's great for the superficial assholes like me for whom

    stuff like personal style and cultural tastes are important. If you consistently take shitty, boring or dumb photos, I will never date you and will probably unfollow you and de-friend you from Facebook too.” -Anon Friday, September 7, 12
  4. Instaflirt Verb. To Like a person’s photo on Instagram as

    a way of acknowledging their hotness “It’s the most efficient way to flirt I’ve ever seen!” -Anon Friday, September 7, 12
  5. Instastalk Verb. To Like a person’s photos on Instagram in

    a rapid, rabid and uncontrollable succession. Friday, September 7, 12
  6. “Already connected on other social networks like twitter.” “I usually

    take things up a notch via Twitter, which seems more appropriate because the flirting can go on a more personal and private level” -Anon -Anon Friday, September 7, 12