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JavaScript In The Sky With Types

JavaScript In The Sky With Types

Slides from the talk Abraão Alves and I gave at CEJS 2016 on the importance of thinking about type systems - and how things can be better with TypeScript + other tools.

Matheus Albuquerque

June 04, 2016

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  1. JavaScript In The Sky With Types abraão alves matheus albuquerque

    # cejs
  2. SLIDES ONLINE AT: bit.ly/js-and-types-cejs

  3. /ythecombinator @ythecombinator ythecombinator.me

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  5. /AbraaoAlves @abraao4lves abraaoalves.github.io

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  7. connect the dots

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  9. what brings us to ce.js?

  10. JS Wat by Gary Bernhardt http://bit.ly/js-wat

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  12. typeof

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  14. None
  15. distinguish between different kind of primitive values distinguish between them

    and objects distinguish between different kinds of objects
  16. wtf?

  17. learning what I hadn't learnt

  18. " data Things known - or assumed as facts -,

    which become the basis of reasoning or calculation.
  19. " data Quantities, characters or symbols of which operations are

    performed by a computer and stored and transmitted as electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical or mechanical recording media.
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  22. " processes Computational processes are abstract beings that inhabit computers.

    As they evolve, processes manipulate other abstract things called data. The evolution of a process is directed by a pattern of rules called a program. People create programs to direct processes.
  23. " datatypes A specific representation of some data.

  24. type systems "A type system is a syntactic method for

    automatically checking the absence of certain erroneous behaviors by classifying program phrases according to the kinds of values they compute. Benjamin Pierce - Types and Programming Languages
  25. The fundamental purpose of a type of system is to

    avoid the occurrence of errors during the execution of a program. Luca Cardelli - Type Systems "
  26. " Correctness-by- Design A program that is valid in the

    language, should also be a correct program.
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  28. a statically typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain

  29. talk is CHEAP show me the coDE

  30. demo time

  31. thanx abraão alves matheus albuquerque # cejs

  32. JavaScript In The Sky With Types abraão alves matheus albuquerque

    # cejs
  33. /ythecombinator @ythecombinator ythecombinator.me

  34. /AbraaoAlves @abraao4lves abraaoalves.github.io

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  36. is it an active project?

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  38. 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Core ES2015 + Decorators Full ES2015

    + React/JSX Async/await on server Control flow analysis one year, four releases
  39. do people use?

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  43. what else?

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  45. Swift In The Sky With Types http://bit.ly/swift-types

  46. what about the future?

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  48. TypeScript Closure Tools http://bit.ly/ts-closure-tools

  49. lessons learnt

  50. 1.TYPES CAN SERVE AS DOCUMENTATION 2. The compiler is your

    first unit unit test 3. tHE COMPILER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND
  51. easy 'n' frindly ?

  52. thanx abraão alves matheus albuquerque # cejs