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Edge Visionary Outlook - Unpopular Opinions

Edge Visionary Outlook - Unpopular Opinions

This short presentation explores eight ways that Edge may not turn out the way we are expecting. It's intended to provoke discussion and thought that challenge conventional wisdom of people building Edge infrastructure.

Video: https://youtu.be/AfPJw7xE5mw

Rob Hirschfeld

November 06, 2019

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  1. AWS & Microsoft will own the Edge Why? 1) Developer

    bias toward core platforms 2) Large scale monoculture has real benefits 3) Automation overrides all other concerns Unpopular Opinion #1: @ZEHICLE
  2. 5G does not deliver Edge demand Why? 1) Too many

    limitations for widespread utility 2) Overly focused on just the public network use cases 3) Stop waiting for silver bullets Unpopular Opinion #2: @ZEHICLE
  3. Edge happens outside the US Why? 1) Too much core

    infrastructure close to cities 2) Our municipal regulatory environment makes it too hard 3) US architects over-think solutions (make them $$$) Unpopular Opinion #3: @ZEHICLE
  4. Edge won’t be all Open Source Why? 1) OSS is

    not required for API-driven and open ecosystems 2) CSP / MSP are operating data centers, not sharing code 3) Sustaining Open Source does match Edge revenue model Unpopular Opinion #4: @ZEHICLE
  5. IoT needs to chase Jevons Paradox Why? 1) Video and

    audio are much more important (it’s not about people) 2) Cost of adding, integrating, managing Things way too high 3) Data from IoT is the only real driver for Edge requirements Unpopular Opinion #5: @ZEHICLE
  6. Kubernetes is not the Edge Platform Why? 1) It’s architecture

    is way too heavy 2) Storage and networking constructs are wrong for Edge 3) Assumption of environmental awareness is missing Unpopular Opinion #6: @ZEHICLE
  7. Way too much hybrid multi-cloud Why? 1) Edge is not

    1,000,000 mini-clouds 2) Cloud complements Edge but had different priorities 3) Operational needs must be considered first Unpopular Opinion #7: @ZEHICLE
  8. Edge Commercial Model is Wrong Why? 1) We don’t understand

    the value mapping for user & IoT interaction 2) Cloud consumption models work for cloud providers 3) Optimize cost models for rewarding resource balances Unpopular Opinion #8: @ZEHICLE