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EdgeLab.Digital Introduction

EdgeLab.Digital Introduction

Explains why EdgeLab is important and why it's easy to participate.

Rob Hirschfeld

March 25, 2020

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  1. “The state of edge initiatives today is nascent. There is

    no clear leader in edge platforms, management, security or application orchestration, which results in uneven governance across edge deployments. Many edge deployments that make it to the proof of concept (POC) phase of a project ultimately fail at scale due to the lack of distributed management and orchestration tools. I&O professionals must not treat edge deployments like on-premises infrastructure.” Gartner, January 2020 (Gartner subscription required for full report) 4 Steps to Successful Edge Computing Deployments by Matthew Brisse
  2. 9 Initial Stack Operating System Platform Edge Application Hardware Infrastructure

    as Code (Digital Rebar) Coming Soon… Available from RackN Catalog