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10 Minute Intro to VoltDB 1

10 Minute Intro to VoltDB 1

Originally presented at:

Hadoop Users Group UK, London, UK, 26 February 2015


March 01, 2015

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  1. page VOLTDB OVERVIEW Akmal B. Chaudhri about.me/akmalchaudhri

  2. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY VOLTDB OVERVIEW Mike Stonebraker Founded

    in 2009 by database luminary FAST World Record Cloud Benchmark: YCSB (Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark) - 2.4m million tps (transactions per second) Other Stonebraker Companies Customers 2 Technology •  In-Memory (but data is durable to disk) •  Scale-Out shared-nothing architecture •  Reliability and fault tolerance •  SQL + Java with ACID •  Hadoop and data warehouse integration •  Open source and commercially licensed (24X7)

    BIG 3
  4. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY Calculations Serving of Results Real

    Time, Per Event, Interactive VOLTDB AND FAST DATA PIPELINE 5
  5. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY CGI Application/Use Case •  Real-time

    processing of smart grid/smart meter data with comprehensive system management •  Information on energy usage provides accurate bills, provides consumers with tariffs that best suit their lifestyles, and enable customers to better understand their energy use patterns Why VoltDB? •  Performance and scalability to provide real-time low latency processing of requests and messaging from suppliers/regulators to service users devices and accounts •  Real-time pricing and billing, and demand response 6 CGI signs 8 year £75m deal with Smart DCC Limited for GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme
  6. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY 7

  7. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY TRY VOLTDB Ø  Free trial

    of the Enterprise Edition: •  http://learn.voltdb.com/DLSoftwareDownload.html Ø  Try VoltDB in the Cloud Ø http://voltdb.com/products/cloud Ø  Open source version is available on github.com Ø  Special offer for start ups: [email protected] 8
  8. page © 2015 VoltDB PROPRIETARY page THANK YOU! 9