Introduction to the Semantic Web - phpCE 2017

8dfcb5f1b3cd5397f19780e2319694da?s=47 Arnout Boks
November 04, 2017

Introduction to the Semantic Web - phpCE 2017

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What if we could evolve our web of individual documents and data to a web of interlinked knowledge, a web where machines can automatically combine data from multiple sources and draw conclusions from it?
The Semantic Web technologies from W3C enable us to make sense of the data wilderness on the web and unlock the full potential of the data treasures hidden in it. In this talk, we will see how RDF enables us to formally describe the meaning of data and how such data can be queried with SPARQL. We will look at how OWL lets us make more expressive statements about the world, so that a computer can logically reason about it and infer new information. We will demonstrate these technologies by showing how they can be used to combine data sets in different formats as if they were one and letting a computer draw logical (and perhaps surprising) conclusions for us.


Arnout Boks

November 04, 2017