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Building Bots For Fun And (No) Profit - WPDSM

Building Bots For Fun And (No) Profit - WPDSM

Lightning talk building bots with the WordPress REST API as a platform for content.

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Andy Brudtkuhl

April 27, 2016


  1. Building Bots For Fun and (No) Profit Using WordPress As

    A Platform @abrudtkuhl
  2. WordPress as a Platform or Service

  3. WordPress WP Theme Facebook Slack Node.js WordPress REST API (+

    extensions ) Twitter Request Response Traditional
  4. Why Extend REST API • WP REST API has a

    predefined data structure and response that may not work for you • Custom Endpoints allow custom queries • Include more data like custom fields in query and response
  5. Extending The API

  6. Slack Slash Command

  7. Slack Bot Node.js and WordPress REST API

  8. Slack OAuth

  9. ALL THE LINKS • heykramer.com/api
 API Definition, Auto Discovery •

 WordPress Code • heykramer.com/botcode
 Node.js Code • heykramer.com/blog
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