Brighton Ruby 2017 - Difficult Conversations

Brighton Ruby 2017 - Difficult Conversations

It’s never easy to have a tough conversations, and they never go away. Therefore, I see a better way to live with them, and I want everyone to hear it: empower yourself to understand why we do what we do so you can effect change.

Understanding creates empathy. Empathy reduces (not eliminates) conflict.

This talk is a practical course on the triad of human psychology: language, physiology and focus. I’ll walk through simple strategies that lower stress, create empathy and manage emotions.


Adam Cuppy

July 07, 2017


  1. @adamcuppy Difficult Conversations

  2. @adamcuppy a practical guide on human psychology

  3. @adamcuppy State

  4. @adamcuppy Physiology

  5. @adamcuppy Language

  6. @adamcuppy Focus

  7. @adamcuppy Connection

  8. @adamcuppy Empathy

  9. @adamcuppy Empathy is the currency of connection

  10. @adamcuppy Preparation

  11. @adamcuppy ‘Understanding’ does not mean acceptance

  12. @adamcuppy Preparation… 1. Breath 2. Map your assumptions 3. Map

    your fears 4. What do you want to learn/understand about their perspective? 5. What’s your outcome?
  13. @adamcuppy Go time

  14. @adamcuppy Go time… • Breath • Make it safe •

    Explore the story • Acknowledge contributions / feelings • Inquire, to learn • Ask open questions
  15. @adamcuppy Confrontation

  16. @adamcuppy Problem solving

  17. @adamcuppy Difficult Conversations