Mechanically Confident

Mechanically Confident

The idea that confidence is solely the result of positive self-talk is circular: If I believed in my ability to talk myself up, I would. But if I did, I wouldn’t need to talk myself up. It’s not as simple as having faith.

There’s a thread amongst all peak performers and skilled practitioners: specific habits, routines, and processes that wrap uncertainty and create confidence. Oscar-winning actors rehearse, pro-drivers do laps, chefs prep.

This talk will help you recognize and design habits, routines, and practices that embed confidence into the body.


Adam Cuppy

April 14, 2018


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  2. @adamcuppy Confidence

  3. @adamcuppy Step 1: Believe in yourself

  4. @adamcuppy Step 2: You’re confident now!

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  6. @adamcuppy Conscious Confidence

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  9. @adamcuppy Eugene Pauly

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  13. @adamcuppy Confidence The byproduct of belief

  14. @adamcuppy Confidence Result of engrained routine

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  17. @adamcuppy Actors, stage fright & Improv

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  21. @adamcuppy “Honestly, this past game is the first time I’ve

    actually thought about it...”
  22. @adamcuppy “...since I haven’t missed one, it’s on my mind.

    I’m gonna be more laser- focused on mechanics and the rhythm of shooting free throws until the streak is over.”
  23. @adamcuppy ACTION ROUND

  24. @adamcuppy Step 1: Create a routine

  25. @adamcuppy Step 2: Find a Trigger & Reward

  26. @adamcuppy Step 3: Follow a plan, faithfully

  27. @adamcuppy Step 4: Celebrate!

  28. @adamcuppy Conscious Confidence???

  29. @adamcuppy #RememberEugene

  30. (5 minutes)

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