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B077605f4799abe20de52b6ded458e99?s=47 Adron Hall
October 09, 2013


I frame the scenario of the distributed development world of cloud computing, dive into the vertical world of enterprise dev and then throw down the big question... how do we change the later world to work as well as the new world of distributed systems?


Adron Hall

October 09, 2013


  1. Situational Report Where are we? A Train of Thought.

  2. Distributed Systems

  3. Enabled Compute Storage Network

  4. Super Computers 1000’s of EC2 Instances In Memory SSD Backed

  5. S3, EBS, Glacier Table, Queue Object Storage Junk Trunks

  6. Developers Asynchronous Patterns Shifted Languages Shifted Stacks DevOps Leadership

  7. Vertical Systems

  8. CRUD & LOB Apps Faster Design Development Simplified Simple Scaling

    Options Enabled
  9. GSD Create, Read, Update & Delete Line of Business

  10. Development Faster? RAD / RUP / Agile / TLA Soup

    Known Patterns
  11. Simplified Vertical is Easy Known Objects, Known Ideals Architecture is

    Up & Down KISS !!
  12. Polarized Scaling Scale by Hardware... Scale by Tuning...

  13. Next... Moving into the future...

  14. Tooling Docker Vagrant JavaScript + Node.js PaaS ...others ?? Multi-tenancy

    Programmable Hardware ...others ??
  15. The Future?

  16. Converged?

  17. Yikes!??!

  18. What do we need? Clarity

  19. How-to? • Practices? ◦ Documentation ◦ Testing • Standards? ◦

    Official ◦ Industry ◦ By use? • New Tooling?
  20. Questions... 1. What do developers in the industry need to

    make true distributed computing advances while drawing on the known elements of the vertical computing realm? 2. What do we need as developers and leaders to more reliably advance the industry without setbacks. 3. What do we need as leaders to move the industry forward to the next steps, stages and developments in converging technology? 4. Are these even valid questions?