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Continuously Kicking Ass

B077605f4799abe20de52b6ded458e99?s=47 Adron Hall
October 20, 2012

Continuously Kicking Ass


Adron Hall

October 20, 2012


  1. Continuously Kicking Ass

  2. Continuous Delivery Build, build and build more. Integrating Always Iterations

    bah. Maintain Speed! The Tests Run
  3. Continuous Delivery Keep building... Integration, Delivery, What? Iterations are still

    ok... Unit, Integration, Mess oh’ my...
  4. Priority Higher than tooling...

  5. Priority Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  6. Priority Working software over comprehensive documentation

  7. Priority Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  8. Priority Responding to change over following a plan

  9. Priority Tests are fundamental...

  10. Priority Pairing & Communication...

  11. Priority Now let’s talk tools...

  12. Tooling o_O

  13. Builds

  14. Builds

  15. Builds

  16. Builds

  17. Builds

  18. Builds

  19. CI

  20. CI

  21. CI

  22. CI

  23. CI

  24. Deployment

  25. Deployment

  26. Blargh

  27. CI & Kanban Live Tools in Action

  28. PaaS

  29. PaaS OSS... Created by... Extended by...

  30. PaaS OSS... Created by...

  31. Heroku EngineYard Tier 3 Azure AppFog AppHarbor AWS (Sort of....)

  32. Fast PaaS

  33. Thor

  34. Thor! Thor Odinson God of Thunder Holder of Mjölnir

  35. Yup, that guy with the hamma! Born from OSS. Completes

    the last mile.
  36. Thor Demo

  37. http://compositecode.com http://www.tier3.com http://ironfoundry.org http://cloudfoundry.org Twitter @adron App.net @adron