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Programming Languages from 30k Feet (wide screen)

Programming Languages from 30k Feet (wide screen)

A short history of a few programming languages.

Adron Hall

April 25, 2014

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  1. 01 RPG ✤ 1959! ✤ Report Program Generator! ✤ File

    Specs! ✤ Data Definition Specifications
  2. C++ A language born of C and forever more… ✤

    OOP Happened!! ✤ {} and other common syntax
  3. Cool Cat Coding So where does that lead us to

    today? Where are we heading?
  4. Enterprise Kingdom ✤ Java! ✤ C#! ✤ Visual Basic /

    Visual Basic for Application (VBA)! ✤ JavaScript (yup, still shows up here)
  5. 01