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UX Design for Developers @ Nebraska Code Camp

UX Design for Developers @ Nebraska Code Camp

So you’ve heard this buzzword “user experience” before, probably out of some hipster’s beard-mouth. But what does it actually mean?

We’ll cover the basics of what it means to design software for user experience, including human factors in design, the user-centered design process, and a focus on human-computer interactions. Spoiler alert: it has very little to do with flashy graphics.


Andrew Dunkman

March 16, 2013


  1. UX_Design for_Developers @adunkman

  2. User_Experience

  3. Hassenzahl

  4. Usability

  5. Objectified A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit

  6. None
  7. Usability

  8. Interaction Design

  9. Development Phases

  10. Deciding_a Solution -or- Predevelopment

  11. Iterate_and_test Iterate_and_test Iterate_and_test

  12. None
  13. Eye tracking software Task: “Find the email address of the

  14. None
  15. When,_Where,_and How_much?

  16. Rules_of_thumb

  17. None
  18. UCD Poster: http://paznow.com/ucd/ Steve Krug: http://sensible.com/ UX Glossary: http://bit.ly/YI4U Example

    usability test: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QckIzHC99Xc @adunkman