Writing Party Games with Google Cast @ Kansas City Developer Conference

Writing Party Games with Google Cast @ Kansas City Developer Conference

The Chromecast, an underpowered computer running the Chrome browser, is often underutilized as a gaming device. This talk will teach you to write a party game, leveraging your guests’ phones as game controllers and your TV as a game board, using only the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. No app required.

With the advent of the Cast SDK v3, writing Chromecast apps is easier than ever, no longer requiring anything more than calling a few JavaScript APIs to initialize Chromecast devices. This means that we can deploy Chromecast apps to static servers for ultimate ease-of-use — lowering the barrier to write party games similar to paid games using jackbox.tv. We’ll cover the Cast SDK v3 and use it to write a rip-off of a popular party game that’s sure to be a hit at your next party.


Andrew Dunkman

August 03, 2017