AffiliateTraction Overview

AffiliateTraction Overview

AffiliateTraction is the largest multi-national affiliate marketing agency offering all-inclusive affiliate management and promotional services for global brands and retailers.



October 01, 2012


  1. AffiliateTraction, with offices in Santa Cruz California, is the largest

    multi-national affiliate marketing agency in the world. We provide all-inclusive affiliate management and promotional services for global brands and retailers. AffiliateTraction differentiates itself not just through quality service but its entire approach. We are not an outsourced program manager or an affiliate network, but rather a unique, multifaceted and comprehensive service designed to proactively implement, manage, and grow your affiliate program. AffiliateTraction services include placement in multiple affiliate networks, powerful brand oversight, product datafeed management and creative design. Our service fees include all costs while eliminating the hassle of multiple contracts, vendor approvals, complex technical integration and numerous logins. For over a decade we have built our systems to eliminate frustrations and obstacles for our clients while reducing costs, creating a service of unparalleled efficiency and value to online merchants. Our focus is to drive incremental revenue from quality consumers and influencers without sacrificing the reputation of your brand or the effectiveness of other marketing efforts. AffiliateTraction is a truly unique service that will integrate seamlessly into your marketing approach, existing policies and preferences. Affiliate marketing is not just something we do... it is everything we do. Why AffiliateTraction? AffiliateTraction is the oldest and largest Agency of Record (AOR) with a niche focus on the implementation, management and growth of affiliate programs for large retailers and brands. Founded in 1999 by the still current CEO Greg Shepard, AffiliateTraction was the first ever agency to manage affiliate programs for retail organizations. Leveraging this twelve plus years of experience as the leader in our industry has earned our organization the opportunity to currently represent the largest number of tier one retailers such as Lord & Taylor, Mattel, SKECHERS shoes and approximately 90 others to a world market. Working in constant partnership with our clients and vendors, AffiliateTraction is evolving to continually exceed the expectations of our clients. Our service offerings are always all-inclusive and our clients are not ever charged a premium for any additional value-adds or newly introduced technology. Our current service offering to all clients include: • A multiple network strategy that strongly positions your program • An affiliate strategy that includes recruitment, activation and optimization of the world’s top affiliates • A campaign strategy that keeps all creative and offers fresh and current • Reporting capabilities that allow you to see the program from any angle and integrates with your current analytics solution • The world’s most comprehensive brand oversight solution protecting your brand in the areas of: Content, Search, Domain, and Email • Complete control and visibility into your program via our patent pending, proprietary single-point dashboard • Access to the AffiliateTraction team which are among some of the brightest minds in the industry recruited specifically for their individual talents The results are clear. Representing an average of 19% of our clients overall online revenue, AffiliateTraction more than doubles the industry standard. During the heaviest shopping times, Q4, this average grows to over 38%. All done on a pay-per- performance model. Agency Overview Incubating, Growing and Managing Affiliate Programs for Over 12 years 831.464.1441 • 2125 Delaware Avenue, Suite E, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • Page 1 of 3 Page 1 of 3
  2. Specialization & Focus The First Agency: AffiliateTraction was the first

    affiliate marketing agency. For over a decade we have been the affiliate marketing experts. Retail Specialists: We do not engage in CPL lead programs, Finance, Real- Estate, Debt Relief, etc. We are Retail Specialists. Affiliate Marketing Specialists: We do not engage in Search, CPM Display, Shopping or anything that is not affiliate generated. We are affiliate marketing focused and understand that participation in other channels presents a conflict of interest between the affiliate marketing agency, the networks and affiliates. Philosophy AffiliateTraction believes that success in the affiliate channel requires a win-win arrangement for all parties to ensure a sustainable and successful program. AffiliateTraction believes in focusing exclusively on the affiliate marketing space to help our clients reap the rewards of a cohesive and comprehensive service and to prevent any conflicts of interest with other service providers, affiliates and internet retailers. We do not engage in search or any other marketing space for this reason. This approach has helped to secure the trust and cooperation of our clients, top publishers and major networks resulting in a streamlined process that has proven more profitable for all parties. Approach • AffiliateTraction is an integrated solution provider; the management of affiliates is just one part of our services. • The affiliate marketing channel should represent 10 - 20% of all online sales for a merchant. • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) should be twice that of other online channels, and traffic should be high quality. • Your affiliate marketing channel should enhance your brand equity, not damage it. • Our integrated approach delivers incremental revenue while protecting brand equity. Simplification An integrated affiliate marketing strategy requires multiple affiliate networks, relationships with hundreds of affiliates, multiple brand oversight vendors, product datafeed vendors and creative design. Each requires agreements, vendor approvals, technical integration, and multiple logins. AffiliateTraction offers a single point of contact, a single dashboard, a single agreement and a single invoice, drastically reducing human resources. Transparency AffiliateTraction offers a single dashboard with complete transparency of your entire affiliate channel. Control All decisions require client approval. The transparency provided makes it easy to make intelligent choices. The complete control allows you to manage your agency and lets your agency manage the affiliate marketing channel. 831.464.1441 • 2125 Delaware Avenue, Suite E, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • Page 2 of 3 Page 2 of 3 PERFORMANCE Brands trust AffiliateTraction with their affiliate marketing strategy; on average we represent 19% of our clients’ total online revenue providing our clients an ROAS (Re- turn On Ad Spend) that is twice that of other top retailers. And during the fourth quarter, we more than doubled the revenue lift of top In- ternet retailers.
  3. Technologies AffiliateTraction has developed a centralized, web based dashboard that

    integrates brand oversight vendors, affiliate networks, product datafeed solutions, promotion code tracking, and asset management into one interface. You see every detail of our activities in one place while also having access to policies, billing statements, reports, live statistics and more. The interface also includes an easy-to-use ticket system for correspondence regarding affiliate network proposals, creative approvals and other issues. It is in this interface that you may interact with other team members besides your account manager to ensure clear and recorded communication in regards to specific actions taking place on your behalf. AffiliateTraction has a dedicated department to handle all IT issues, including tracking pixels, datafeeds, DNE email software, Link Validation, creative uploads and affiliate network program configuration and setup. This keeps the program consistently moving forward and takes pressure off your IT team, saving your company time, money and potential infrastructure stresses in IT support. AffiliateTraction also offers a universal container pixel that eliminates IT work and provides promotion code tracking with oversight for clickless tracking in social media. In addition, AffiliateTractoin UK integrates with Google analytics to show your affiliate channel alongside your other results. Other technologies are always under development; in fact, development is ongoing based on client, publisher and network feedback. There are more exciting things to come! Cost Savings AffiliateTraction covers brand oversight, network fees, product datafeed and even creative development at no added cost. As the largest agency of its kind, AffiliateTraction offers discounts on bounty fees, promotion code use and publisher media buys. In fact, AffiliateTraction’s unique services may save you tens of thousands per month. AffiliateTraction cost savings include: 831.464.1441 • 2125 Delaware Avenue, Suite E, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • Page 3 of 3 Page 3 of 3 Network Fees • Network implementation fees • Network override/bounties • Network ancillary fees Campaign Costs • Creative design and asset licensing • Datafeed parsing and syndication • Campaign distribution Brand Oversight Costs • Email suppression management • Email compliance oversight • Publisher website content oversight • Social media oversight • Search oversight • Link validation oversight • Promotion Code oversight