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ERD, Flowcharts and Other Documentation

ERD, Flowcharts and Other Documentation

Documentation is much more than just commenting on code. It can be a lot more fun, too. Learn what types of diagrams are useful, when and how to use them, and how it all ties into the development process. Through real-world examples, I will teach you how to create meaningful, helpful documentation not only for posterity but also to guide you in your development efforts.

Anna Filina

June 30, 2017

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  1. @afilina ERD, Flowcharts and Other Documentation DPC, Amsterdam - June

    30, 2017
  2. What It’s Not About • Not a full analysis and

    design course. • Not a demo of modelling tools. • Not a detailed explanation of symbology.
  3. What It Is About • Which diagrams serve what purpose.

    • Tie diagrams together. • Real world examples.
  4. Anna Filina • Project rescue expert • Dev, trainer, speaker

  5. None
  6. Why No Diagrams? • Don't know where to begin. •

    It's boring. • Get out of date. • Nobody reads them. • There’s no point. • Lean and mean.
  7. Not Always Boring

  8. The Real Problem • Don't understand diagrams. • Diagrams serve

    no purpose, not helpful. • Mistake diagrams for waterfall model. • Inadequate tools.
  9. Conference Management Software

  10. Use Case

  11. Data Flow Diagram External entity

  12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

  13. Data Flow Diagram

  14. Common Mistakes • Data not stored. • Black hole. •

    Grey hole. • Spontaneous generation.
  15. Flowchart Input Output

  16. Mockups

  17. Mockups

  18. ER Diagram 0 or more (many) 1

  19. ER Diagram Non-identifying Identifying

  20. ER Diagram

  21. Behat Scenario: POST to /login endpoint with empty body When

    I send a POST request to "/login" with body: """ """ Then the response code should be 400
  22. Source Comments • // Simple and short explanations. • /**

    * Document the "why" more than the "what".
 */ • Comment when it’s fresh. • Big functions with lots of comments = split function. • Better naming > comments.
  23. Putting it All Together A.K.A. “The Manual”

  24. Manual • Define chapters. Example: 1.Scope (Use Cases) 2.Database (ERD)

    3.Processes (DFD + Flowchart) 4.Mockups (later screenshots) 5.Scenarios
  25. Manual • Write topics in bullet point. • Add diagrams.

    • Write paragraph under each bullet. • Move topics and chapters around. • Fill in with details.
  26. How Much to Write?

  27. Application Complexity More docs Fewer docs Grandma’s recipes

  28. Security Requirements Grandma’s recipes
 IAFIS fingerprints More docs Fewer

  29. Financial Impact Grandma’s recipes
 Forex currency trading More docs

    Fewer docs
  30. Team Size Yourself
 20 devs More docs Fewer docs

  31. Team Proximity Same office
 Remote More docs Fewer docs

  32. Developer Level Juniors
 Seniors More docs Fewer docs

  33. Good Documentation • Makes your software easier to build and

    maintain. • Makes your team more effective. • Discover new scenarios or omissions before implementation.
  34. Mind Maps Also Helpful Mind Maps

  35. Takeaways • Systems Analysis and Design and/or UML book. •

    Get professional software, like Astah. • Diagrams are part of the process, not extra work. • Good diagrams increase dev speed and software quality.
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