Sass and WordPress: Enhancing Your Front-End Workflow

Sass and WordPress: Enhancing Your Front-End Workflow

An awesome workflow can save you many hours, which in turn provides more freedom to spend time doing things to relax your mind :-)
I will cover how to start your theme development with Sass and WordPress, using Underscores as the starter theme. While this session is geared towards beginning WordPress theme designers I recommend this for anyone inquiring about Sass and it’s awesome features. Let’s Get Sassy!

The goal is to walk away with a basic understanding of:

Using GUIs with Sass
Sass Folder structure
Some of Sass Features:
Sass Maps
Source Mapping using Chrome DevTools


A.H. Web Design

March 29, 2015


  1. 7.

    SASS  COMPILER   Libsass   •  C++  re-­‐implementaFon   of

     the  Ruby-­‐based  Sass   compiler   •  Faster  compile  Fmes,   much  faster!   Ruby  Sass   •  Ruby-­‐based  Sass   compiler   •  Typically  slower  compile   Fmes,  compared  to   Libsass  
  2. 8.

    SASS  SYNTAX   SCSS   •  File  extension  .scss  

      •  It  doesn’t  require  a  shiS   in  code  formaTng   •  Easily  convert  an   exisFng  stylesheet  to   use  Sass’s  funcFonality   SASS   •  File  extension  .sass     •  Indented  syntax   •  Stripped  down,  no  curly   braces  or  semicolons  
  3. 9.

    CHOOSE  AN  OUTPUT  STYLE   •  Nested  (the  default)  

    ol  {      margin:  10px  0;      padding:  10px  0;  }      ol  li  {          font-­‐size:  2em;          line-­‐height:  1.4;  }          ol  li  p  {              color:  #333;  }   •  Expanded   ol  {      margin:  10px  0;      padding:  10px  0;   }       ol  li  {      font-­‐size:  2em;      line-­‐height:  1.4;   }       ol  li  p  {      color:  #333;   }  
  4. 10.

    CHOOSE  AN  OUTPUT  STYLE   •  Compact     ol

     {  margin:  10px  0;   padding:  10px  0;  }   ol  li  {  font-­‐size:  2em;  line-­‐ height:  1.4;  }   ol  li  p  {  color:  #333;  }   •  Compressed   ol{margin:10px  0;padding: 10px  0;}ol  li{font-­‐size: 2em;line-­‐height:1.4;}ol  li   p{color:#333;}  
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    SOURCE  MAPS  FOR  SASS   If  you  look  in  your

     output  folder  aFer  running  that  command,  you'll  no*ce   that  a  comment  has  been  added  to  the  end  of  the  generated  CSS  file:   At  The  Command  Line  
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    Resources   •  hip://sass-­‐   •  hip://     • 

    hip://­‐for-­‐ web-­‐designers   •  hip://   •  hip://   •  hip://­‐ source-­‐maps-­‐with-­‐sass    
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