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GDSC meetup: Intro to Jetpack Compose

GDSC meetup: Intro to Jetpack Compose

Google Developer Student Club Bolivia

October 21, 2021

Explore the revolutionary Jetpack Compose framework and its advantages over the traditional Android View system. Learn how Compose simplifies UI development, enhances productivity, and enables a more intuitive and flexible approach to creating Android apps. Discover the key differences that make Jetpack Compose the future of Android UI development.

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Aida Issayeva

October 21, 2021

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  1. About me 󰠁 Software Engineer 󰠅 Instructor 🤖 I build

    Android apps 🐦 @aida_isay 🌐 cupsofcode.com
  2. History of building and binding UI in Android 2008 API

    1 View.java layout_name.xml 2021 Butterknife DataBinding Jetpack Compose 🎉 findViewById() 2017 2013 Kotlin Synthetic 2019 2016 ViewBinding @Composable fun screen()
  3. Table of differences View Compose Language XML Kotlin Theming Manifest.xml

    MaterialThemeComposable Base Class Compose Function Arguments Fixed constructor Flexible function Decoration Attribute based Modifier based State Management Inner state of UI widget != data state: Manually updating view based on changed data Recomposition: UI is tied to data and gets automatically changed
  4. Resources 1. Android Jetpack Compose Documentation 2. Declarative vs Imperative

    UI in Android 3. Jetpack Compose View vs Android View Comparison