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Making Money With WordPress

C50127bc268f96d5ffa72f47d72bf799?s=47 Ajit Bohra
October 06, 2017

Making Money With WordPress

WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017


Ajit Bohra

October 06, 2017


  1. Ajit Bohra Mitrooooo… Baklol Making Money With WordPress!!! Excluding GST

  2. Thoda gyaan thodi bakloli @ajitbohra

  3. How many of you are business owners? @ajitbohra

  4. How many of you are non-tech users? @ajitbohra

  5. Do you think I can tell you how to make

    money? @ajitbohra
  6. No I can’t tell you how to make money with

    WordPress! @ajitbohra
  7. Expectations & Takeaways @ajitbohra

  8. Common things you have heard about making money? @ajitbohra

  9. WordPress is not magic wand, its world of opportunities! @ajitbohra

  10. WordPress enables people from diverse background to engage & explore

    opportunities @ajitbohra
  11. The old ages formula of making money learn > identify

    > validate > earn @ajitbohra
  12. Different hats of WordPress @ajitbohra

  13. Using your skills @ajitbohra

  14. Using your passion @ajitbohra

  15. Using opportunities @ajitbohra

  16. Focus plays vital role @ajitbohra

  17. Gateway to explore opportunities @ajitbohra

  18. Opportunities @ajitbohra

  19. Exploration from WordCamps @ajitbohra

  20. Data @ajitbohra Puneet Sahlot from Ideabox Creations

  21. Data @ajitbohra Nirav Mehta from Store Apps

  22. Data @ajitbohra Vishal Kothari from Tyche Software

  23. Data @ajitbohra Devin Walker from GiveWP/WordImpress

  24. Data @ajitbohra Surbhi Jain from GetDigication

  25. Data @ajitbohra Prathamesh Palve

  26. Data @ajitbohra Hardeep Asrani & Poonam Naamdev from ThemeIsle

  27. Data @ajitbohra Nagesh Pai, Khyati Gala & Omkar Bhagat from

  28. Data @ajitbohra Ravinder Kumar & Deepak Gupta from GiveWP

  29. Data @ajitbohra Saurabh Shukla from BaapWP

  30. Data @ajitbohra Jayman Pandya

  31. Explore your skills & passion Because when they meet WordPress

    miracles happen! @ajitbohra
  32. Resources @ajitbohra - Puneet Sahalot @psahalot - Nirav Mehta @niravmehta

    - Vishal Kothari @tovishalck - Devin Walker @innerwebs - Surbhi Jain @kohlstray - Prathamesh Palve @palvepratham - Hardeep Asrani @hardeepasrani - Poonam Namdev @poonamnamdev2 - Nagesh Pai @nagpai - Khyati Gala @galakhyati - Omkar Bhagat @curiousomkar - Ravinder Kumar @wpravs - Deepak Gupta @raftaar1191 - Saurabh Shukla @actual_saurabh - Jayman Pandya @jaymanpandya
  33. Resources @ajitbohra

  34. Resources @ajitbohra

  35. Questions? Be gentle don’t scare the innocent boy (me) :)