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Setting up Symfony in a Breeze

Setting up Symfony in a Breeze

Presentation from the Athens Symfony Meetup ( about bootstrapping a new Symfony project in SourceLair ( in a breeze.


Antonis Kalipetis

March 31, 2015


  1. IN A BREEZE Antonis Kalipetis, SourceLair Setting up Symfony

  2. Bootstrap projects in no time

  3. Create a DJANGO or HTML application

  4. Expose it using a PUBLIC URL

  5. Wanna install something? We’ve got COMPOSER

  6. What about JavaScript? BOWER to the rescue

  7. None
  8. 3 SIMPLE Steps 1. Install Symfony using composer 2. Add

    the web directory path to project settings 3. Replace “app.php” with “app_dev.php” in .htaccess & remove IP blocking in app_dev.php
  9. We had some issues… We will FIX them

  10. We love DEVELOPERS let’s chat

  11. We need PYTHON/JAVASCRIPT developers

  12. SourceLair in the FUTURE • MySQL databases • Heroku deployment

  13. THANK you Antonis Kalipetis SourceLair