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Using GitHub Pages

Using GitHub Pages

This is a presentation I gave to the ILRI, Kenya Research Methods Group about using GitHub Pages. The audience was non technical, so I tried to just give the basics, background on git, and pique interest.


Alan Orth

April 15, 2015



    SITES Alan Orth April, 2015
  2. WHAT IS GIT? g i t is a distributed source

    code version control system.
  3. WHY IS GIT? Obsoletes previous source code version control systems

    such as CVS and Subversion (SVN). Provides advanced features, for example: Distribution - Branching - Tagging - Staging - Stashing
  4. DISTRIBUTED MODEL Each copy of a g i t repository

    contains the entire history of the repository.
  5. LIGHTWEIGHT "BRANCHING" Branching allows you to create a copy of

    an object so modifications can be made in parallel (ie features, different devs, versions, etc).
  6. GIT != GITHUB New users often get confused, but it

    is an important distinction! Just learn g i t !
  7. WHAT IS GITHUB? Extremely popular website for hosting g i

    t repositories. Many others, but GitHub pefected the model.
  8. WHY GITHUB? "Social code" Contributors - Pull requests - Issues

    - Forks - Wikis
  9. WHY GITHUB? Gamification Stars - Streaks - Followers - Graphs

  10. WHY GITHUB? Oh yeah, it's FREE!

  11. HOW TO USE GITHUB PAGES 1. Sign up for a

    GitHub account 2. Create a new repository with an i n d e x . h t m l 3. Push code to the g h - p a g e s branch $ g h p ­ i m p o r t ­ p p r e s e n t a t i o n / Website is instantly accessible on https://username.github.io/repository
  12. EXAMPLES Examples of websites hosted on GitHub Pages abound!

  13. ;) This presentation!

  14. (in progress!) data.ilri.org

  15. Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group blog