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Presented at the Goddard Space Flight Center


Alberto Conti

May 03, 2007

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  1. Google Carol Christian & Alberto Conti Space Telescope Science Institute

  2. Community Missions Office Marc Postman Carol Christian Alberto Conti Pat

  3. CMO Goals Optimize the science from community-led astrophysics missions and

    projects. Develop, nurture, and share innovations in space astronomy science operations. Collaborate on the next generation of space astrophysics programs.
  4. Astronomy Project Timeline A Partial List of Key Astrophysics Facilities

    2000 2005 2010 2015 Start date and Probable Duration HST Spitzer Chandra FUSE GALEX GLAST Kepler WMAP JWST SWIFT Beyond Einstein XMM SOFIA INTEGRAL Ares V Flights Herschel - Planck WISE NVO Operations ALMA TMT LSST PANSTARRS NVO Development SDSS VLT & Gemini Observatories SIM? TPF?
  5. Astronomy Project Timeline STScI Project and Mission Activity 2000 2005

    2010 2015 HST Spitzer Chandra FUSE GALEX GLAST Kepler WMAP JWST SWIFT Beyond Einstein XMM SOFIA INTEGRAL Ares V Flights Herschel - Planck WISE NVO Operations ALMA TMT LSST PANSTARRS NVO Development SIM? TPF? SDSS VLT & Gemini Observatories Start date and Probable Duration
  6. Massive amounts of information Computer Science Biology Economics Medicine Government

  7. Astronomy is changing Old days: photographic plates 1960: astronomical data

    goes digital New instruments collect 100 GB/night Detectors follow Moore’s Law Total data double every 2 years Growth over 25 years is a factor of 30 in glass, 3000 in pixels ?
  8. Challenges 41,253 square degrees or 2 Trillion pixels One wavelength:

    4 Terabytes Multi-wavelength: 10-100 Terabytes Time dimension: 10 Petabytes New analysis & visualization tools are required
  9. Google Earth Technology Keyhole Grid Google File System Mipmap Clipmap

  10. 10 Keyhole Keyhole Markup Language Region 3 Region 2 Region

    1 Earth at 1m/pix 226 x 226 image
  11. None
  12. GoogleSky?

  13. GoogleSky?

  14. GoogleSky?

  15. GoogleSky?

  16. GoogleSky?

  17. GoogleSky?

  18. GoogleSky?

  19. August 22nd, 2007

  20. Base Map Digitized Sky Survey • The National Geographic Society

    - Palomar Observatory Sky Atlas (POSS-I) • Second POSS (POSS-II) • photographic bands: J, F, N used to generate RGB • Oschin Schmidt & UK Schmidt Telescopes • Plates scanned at STScI Sloan Digital Sky Survey • 2.5-meter telescope on Apache Point • 1/4 of the sky
  21. Merging the basemap • Project lat/long • Warp to Earth

    geodetic coordinates • Account for first order distortions across fields • Match tiles at edges • Color balance adjusted between tiles • Projection causes problems at the poles
  22. HST Data Press Release images from HubbleSite • Selected WFP2

    and ACS images • Recover World Coordinate System • Overlay image on basemap • Adjust images by hand • Retrieve “bounding box” and rotation • Warp to geodetic
  23. PR collection in the NVO • Simple Image Access Protocol

    (SIAP) • World Coordinate System (WCS) Sky in Google Earth World Wide Telescope
  24. Wcs. wcs.computewcs

  25. Adding images • Accurate WCS • Warp to Sky astrometry.net

    or computewcs Add annotation, information, links
  26. Metatags • NASA Education Space Science Resource Directory • Astronomy

    Visualization Metadata (AVM) standard • National Virtual Observatory meta-tags • Automated collection and clustering of tags • Astrophysics Data System • Proposal databases • Visual Faceted Browsing
  27. None
  28. Catalogs • Myriad catalogs • HD, Messier, NGC (built in)

    • SIMBAD, NED, GSC2, SLOAN, 2MASS, USNOB (add-ons) • Hubble Legacy Archive • Personal Research Cone Search Regionation Sort, cull list
  29. None
  30. None
  31. GoogleSky DEMO

  32. http://hubblesite.org/explore_astronomy/gsky Press Release Video

  33. http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/postlist.php/Cat/0/Board/sky Share your own files

  34. Dr Carol Christian carolc@stsci.edu Dr Alberto Conti aconti@stsci.edu