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MAST Poster

Alberto Conti
September 01, 2010

MAST Poster

A proposed new interface for the NASA Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST)

Alberto Conti

September 01, 2010

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  1. Missions at a Glance The new MAST portal will provide

    quick access to the most commonly used MAST missions. Each mission will allow users to concentrate their searches only on specific mission products. MAST Picture of the Day Daily astronomical highlights will be showcased on the main MAST front page. Image Credit: Plank PI Sign-In and Setting Registered archive users will be able to quickly access their data and store their most commonly used searches. Single Search Box An advanced search box will provide Google-like search capabilities on all MAST data holdings. Complex searches, specifying filters, instruments, and missions, will allow users to focus on specific data characteristics across missions. Summary Results Searches issued from the main MAST page will aggregate available results form all MAST holdings, and display them into a quick-view summary. Users will then be able to further filter their initial search and even query other data centers for coverage using Virtual Observatory protocols Gadgets iGoogle-style gadgets will showcase news, new products or provide one-click access to PI proprietary data Archival science is having a major impact on astronomy and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The Multi- mission Archive at Space Telescope (MAST) is in the process of developing a new portal aimed specifically at facilitating access to high-quality, comprehensive, multi-wavelength data and related search results. Our goal is to adapt and evolve in response to  community input, and provide the astronomical community with a rich, modern set of tools for data mining, data retrieval, and data analysis. The New MAST Portal Alberto Conti, A. Rogers, T. Donaldson, and the MAST Team Com ing Soon This work is supported by a NASA grant to AURA/STScI for the MAST effort under Cooperative Agreement Number NNX09AF08G. Footprints and Catalogs Detailed sky coverage information for each of the search results will be displayed graphically using the appropriate background image, e.g. DSS, GALEX or HST where available. Footprints will be available for all MAST missions, including extracted spectra, community- contributed high level science products, and HST press release materials. An interactive graphical interface will make it possible to select footprints of interest, pan and zoom across the sky in a Google Maps fashion, and finally load appropriate catalog information. One-click access to different graphical views will allow for quick, interactive data filtering. Shopping carts will provide access to downloads in various formats. Data Upload Browse for local files or simply point to a URL to load a large variety of input file formats, including FITS binary tables. Search data in publications via ADS and import publication related data directly into MAST for cross-correlation or visualization