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Cultural Probes

Ec2696b240887e40b010e6423d742248?s=47 Alberto Lusoli
February 25, 2016

Cultural Probes


Alberto Lusoli

February 25, 2016


  1. cultural probes

  2. What is a cultural probe?

  3. A way to bridge the gap between designers and users

  4. They are NOT intended to support a process of deducing

    definite truths about target community
  5. A method for exploring possibilities

  6. An instrument for providing rich evocative glimpses into people’s lives

  7. Historical example: domestic probes

  8. Should attract the attention, stimulate curiosity and engagement. Participants are

    not the subjects of an experiment. They are volunteers.
  9. Immersive games: a “boundary object”.

  10. Cultural Probes Vs Ethnography?

  11. Can Cultural Probes be useful for your Project?

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