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Getting Started with Code Club

December 11, 2014

Getting Started with Code Club

Presented at @codeclub's get together in December 2014


December 11, 2014

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  1. First rule of code club • Talk about code club

    • Decide to get involved • Find out more (at events like these) • Speak to others who have done it before • Get started with scratch/python/javascript
  2. Second stage of code club • Preparation • Dry run

    through the lessons • Assume children will take much longer! • Print lessons as folded A5 booklets • Have spare copies (certificates, sign in sheet)
  3. Third stage of code club • Setting up the classroom

    • Check out in advance • Verify if computers have internet access • Install copies of resources/projects locally • Work with local admin for user/password • Know who to get support from if needed
  4. Fourth stage of code club • Setup • Explain the

    lesson’s steps • Show the finished product • Ask for questions now and during exercises • Demonstrate how to launch software • Hand out booklets
  5. Fifth stage of code club • Hands on • Make

    sure each student can launch editor • Walk around classroom • Ask children to explain what they are doing • Keep track of time!
  6. Sixth stage of code club • Conclusion • Give a

    five minute warning before end • Give a one minute warning to save work • Bring children back together to reinforce goals • Sign out sheets
  7. Hints and Tips • Printed booklets (A5) work much better

    than PDF • Make sure children tick off each stage ✅ • Quiet students often need the most help • Ask students who finish early to do stretch goals • Show finished projects on central screen • Follow @codeclub and github.com/codeclub/