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Programming language trends as shown by job postings

Programming language trends as shown by job postings


Alexandra Marin

August 31, 2017


  1. xmonodev alexandra-marin alexandramarin01 Programming language trends as shown by

    job postings
  2. The idea • Working in tech is dynamic and fast-paced

    • “Learn at least one new language every year” - The Pragmatic Programmer
  3. What should I learn next? Reverse engineer all the jobs!

  4. Building the prototype

  5. Challenges • (Re)learn the tools • Design and data visualization

  6. The result!

  7. None
  8. Tech stack • Angular / Plotly JS frontend • Cross-platform

    C# backend • Storage: SQL database • Syncing: Azure web job
  9. Angular / Plotly JS C# WebAPI SQL DB Cron job

    HackerNews API Analyser
  10. What have I learned? • Start small • What’s your

    data source? • Mind the external dependencies
  11. Future plans • Languages evolution over time • A dive

    into making predictions
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