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Future of Healthcare

Future of Healthcare

Slides from a 90-minute workshop to the attendees of 2017 C2 Conference.

Alexis Smirnov

May 26, 2017

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  3. Plan for your workshop 10 min AI in healthcare. Next

    10 years 5 min Meet someone 10 min Problem 20 min Solution and journey map 10 min A mystery activity 10 min Strategy, action plan, presentation prep 20 min Presentations (3 min per team)
  4. 10 Years from now AI assisted medicine ? 2030 ?

  5. Healthcare is hottest AI sector. Next 10 years will be

    FUN! 5-year investment levels in AI-related projects, by category cbinsigts.com
  6. Decision support, diagnostics, virtual assistants Technology will reinvent healthcare as

    we know it. It is inevitable that, in the future, the majority of physicians’ diagnostic, prescription and monitoring, which over time may approach 80% of doctors time spent on medicine, will be replaced by smart hardware, software, and testing. Vinod Khosla Detects skin cancer Discovers bone metastases Performs triage of primary care cases
  7. Chronic conditions management and monitoring Collects and analyzes diabetes metrics

    Detect atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia with Apple Watch
  8. Sensors, wearables, medical devices A wearable device for continuous fetal

    monitoring. An AI-enabled ultrasound device. The device will recognize objects and make preliminary diagnosis. Eventual goal: bring imaging to the poorest countries of the world. Heart assist. A robot that enfolds the heart, then actively compresses and twists it to restore normal blood flow after heart failure.
  9. Genomics and drug discovery 5-year plan: collect genomic info from

    1 million people; use the data to train drug discovery AI Use AI to speed-up drug discovery 2-year results: 24 drug candidates 4-year plan: sell drugs against Alzheimer's, ALS Today, it takes about 12 years to take a new drug to market
  10. Lifestyle management, monitoring, engagement, mental health A bra that tracks

    heart rate and breathing patterns, helps to create optimal exercise plans Mental health tools assessing patients with superhuman accuracy - Autism detection by eye tracking - Depression by analysis on social media behaviour - Predict psychosis by speech analysis A health monitoring app and a learning chatbot helps to stick to the wellness goals
  11. Richard Cindy Mary Laura Piotr Charles

  12. - What problems does she/he has? - What are his/her

    needs? Desires? Concerns? - What does he/she missing? Resources? Knowledge? Tools? 1. Brainstorm 2. Prioritize 3. Pick one or two problems you’ll be solving with AI Next 10 minutes: Focus on a problem
  13. Next 20 minutes: Solution and a journey map Zone A:

    The lens provides constraints for the map by assigning 1: a persona (“who”) and 2: the scenario to be examined (“what problem”). Zone B: The heart of the map is the visualized experience, aligned across 3: name phases of the journey 4: actions, steps, functions 5: thoughts, and 6: emotional experience of the user has throughout the journey Zone C: describe the insights, and the 7: technology that enables or is used by each phase of the journey TECH TECH TECH TECH
  14. Next 10 minutes: Unintended consequences - What new problems will

    arise? - How will the technology going to be mis-used? - What will the consequences when it breaks down? 1. Brainstorm 2. Prioritize 3. Pick one or two most serious or most surprising consequences
  15. Next 10 minutes: How we get there? - How do

    we get to the future you’ve just imagined? - What investments need to be done? - What can be done today to prepare? 1. Summarize 2. Select your biggest insights 3. Designate a speaker, prepare a 3-minute presentation
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