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About Radialpoint. October 2014

About Radialpoint. October 2014

This deck is in support of the talk about why it’s a good idea to apply for internship at Radialpoint. It is primarily intended for the talk I’m giving at University of Waterloo for students picking the company for their next internship.

A written version of this talk is here: https://medium.com/@alexissmirnov/internship-at-radialpoint-why-8ecf4c83e54b

The details about internships are here: https://medium.com/@alexissmirnov/radialpoint-internships-winter-15-b87447a46c96

Alexis Smirnov

October 20, 2014

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    R A D I A L P O I N T About Radialpoint October 2014
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  5. W E A R E T H E 9 9

    % W E D E S E R V E S U P P O RT
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  10. R E V E A L http://vimeo.com/92144403

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  13. S U P P O R T K I T

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  16. • Web Developer Intern, PTS. • Software Engineering Intern, Knowledge

    Graph • Software Engineering Intern, Reveal. • Software Engineering Intern, SupportKit. • Python developer, Platform. • Devops Engineer, Infrastructure.
  17. alexis.smirnov@radialpoint.com twitter.com/alexissmirnov medium.com/@alexissmirnov