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Learning from consumer behaviours to improve enterprise knowledge sharing

Learning from consumer behaviours to improve enterprise knowledge sharing

A webinar about how consumer internet services shape the future of enterprise knowledge management. The recording of this webinar is available here: https://vimeo.com/123880347

Alexis Smirnov

April 08, 2015

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  1. Learning from consumer behaviours to improve enterprise knowledge sharing How

    consumer internet services shape the future of enterprise knowledge management March 31st, 2015 Alexis Smirnov, Chief Evangelist Radialpoint
  2. Centralizing knowledge • Centralized Control • Unified Taxonomy • Common

    Information Architecture
  3. Decentralizing knowledge • Unified search • Flexibility • Best fit

    between the use-case and the tool Centralizing knowledge • Centralized Control • Unified Taxonomy • Common Information Architecture
  4. Consumer tech support operation at a Fortune 500 telco •

    Hundreds of support agents across multiple call centres. • Massive investment in KM in two knowledge management teams and several systems. • KM lead: “We move fast. When agents get new type of support request, we can update the KB within just a couple of days.” • Support agent: “KB doesn’t keep up, it’s hopeless. With customer on hold, I needed an answer to solve a problem. I found nothing in our KB and KM guys said to try again next week.” Other than relying on your own expertise, where do you get knowledge you need?
  5. Results so far • 2014 TISA KM survey: • Half

    of responders are on their third, fourth, or fifth knowledge platform. • Overall rating of knowledge platforms: 5 out of 10 • 2014 AIIM research: • Half feel that universal search is becoming near impossible • 75% say it’s easier to find knowledge on the Web than within the enterprise. • 10% of companies have a working unified search
  6. Consumer internet services invented a multitude of effective ways to

    discover, access and use knowledge. Why? Some ideas: • Law of natural selection. Practically every idea is being tried. • More users, means more data, means better designed products. • Successful consumer services have a much bigger addressable market and revenue potential, means more investment in product design.
  7. Friend, Post, Like, Share

  8. Follow, Tweet, Retweet, Favourite

  9. Upvote, Downvote, Flag, Annotate

  10. Clip, Save, Star, Pin

  11. Common thread is curation

  12. Results so far More relevant news

  13. Results so far More meaningful conversations

  14. Results so far More accurate search

  15. Radialpoint PTS • Premium Technology Support as a Service •

    Serving millions of consumers • Customers are large consumer technology companies • Hundreds of tech support agents, across multiple call centres, across geographies • Tools: Email, Google, KB,…
  16. Consumer services at work communication file sharing & collaboration social

    networks CRM & customer service 90% 79% 57% 53% Without IT approval 41% 30% 23% 12%
  17. “What I’d really like is Pinterest for knowledge.”

  18. Curate, comment and share

  19. Knowledge curation for teams

  20. Integrates with Google Search

  21. Radialpoint PTS. With better tools HipChat, Google, Reveal, … •

    Find experts quicker • Fresher knowledge • Faster search
  22. “Reveal has increased the flow of information through the team

    significantly. Because of how easy it is, people are sharing content much more now.”
  23. • Study consumer-style knowledge management • Choose enterprise tools that

    leverage design patterns of consumer internet services • Embrace consumer behaviours within the enterprise • Enable knowledge curation across the enterprise
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