Efficient Android testing

2b0404a5db1a74f01bf3bf94d142e28c?s=47 Alex Zhukovich
September 28, 2018

Efficient Android testing

Mobile applications are growing. They become more complex and require more and more testing on different layers. It means that is a great time to integrate automated tests into your projects. When we talk about the testing of User Interface many people choose End-To-End tests. In the beginning, it works well, but later on, when the code base grows, you can have a very slow feedback loop.
This talk will cover:
- the difference between Integration and End-To-End tests;
- Tools we can use in terms of UI testing;
- Methods for the efficient combination of different levels of tests;
- Efficient testing using Espresso and UiAutomator.


Alex Zhukovich

September 28, 2018