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Effective Learning In College

Effective Learning In College

What I do in college to achieve my results.

Muhammad Alif Akbar

September 20, 2019

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  1. 10 National 6 International 2 Papers What I did in

    4 Years? Of College 0 Girls Not so great, Right? 5 Organization 10 National 2 Papers
  2. What is the first things you should prepare? Phase One

    “ “ 01 02 03 04 05 Dreams Good friends and/or rivals Excellent mentors Worst enemies Strict Deadline 06 Constructive Leisure Activities
  3. Phase Two Ok, I got it. I have prepared, now

    what? #1 #2 Strategy Execution - Minimum attendance % - Time management - Learn to say NO - Tell EVERYONE - Prioritize and Persistent - Keep learning! “This not a Quote, Don’t mind this, and don’t quote this just because this has a quotation mark” - And A Dash Under
  4. We are not computers So write down everything. Literally EVERYTHING!

    At any time, even RIGHT NOW! Obviously, you don’t need to write, If you record my talk.
  5. #1 #2 Now, We are at the End game. Phase

    Three Share The Knowledge Mentor younger students Travel More Some insight are not on books, It is on the world Enjoy The Game Have fun. Also, try, fail and try again