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A Dev Journey In Startup Company

A Dev Journey In Startup Company

Talk about developer experience in startup company and some general tips

Muhammad Alif Akbar

December 04, 2021

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  1. Table of Contents Things to consider before you choosing this

    career Pros & Cons being dev in Startup Company Good Traits You Need to Survive Discussing things that can help you thriving in your career What to do next? My two cents about where to start 01 02 03
  2. Many startup allow remote working, even before covid Fun Colleagues

    High Pay Flexible Working Young industry bring young coworker Relatively higher salary compared to other profession The Pros Performance Based No need to wait in-line to get recognition Shiny Gadget Very update to latest cool tech & gadget Social Impact Your works can benefit and bring happiness to a lot of people
  3. Speak Up!! Don’t hold on to your idea, share it!

    Enabler Mindset Perform the best Eager to Learn Look at Data! Minimize baseless assumption in work Strive to make your team job a little bit easier Always update your knowledge Go for extra mile, do your best at everything
  4. Big Steps Learn Basic Programming Work on Complex Project Pick

    a Major Tech / Platform Deliver and Iterate an MVP 1 2 3 4
  5. Complex Project 1. Work in team 3. Get a Mentor

    2. Multiple Technology Stack Work with team that allow multiple technology being used Work in a project that you can’t do by your own. Find someone that can guide you. A senior dev. 4. Follow Best Practices Try to follow latest best practices. So you can always be up to date
  6. Deliver MVP! Able to finish technical task is not the

    only requirement to be a great eng. You also need to: • Help to identify problems • Understand your user • Give input for business decision All can only be learned when you have an on going product
  7. Get a Job / Intern process Find Info Prepare CV

    Prepare Portfolio Learn Code Test Prepare for Interview Assess Contract grab.careers
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