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Harnessing the Creative Mind

Alma Hoffmann
September 12, 2017

Harnessing the Creative Mind

Presentation given at Smashing Magazine Conference in Freiburg, Germany, September 11-12, 2017.

Alma Hoffmann

September 12, 2017

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  1. A LITTLE (or a lot?) ABOUT ME spanish | english

    | artist | designer | sketcher | writer | editor | letterer | typographer | photographer | former dancer | wanna’ be architect | curiosity is my middle name | obsessed with learning |wife | mother | friend | aunt| daughter | saved by grace | [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net
  2. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net wanting to know

    if creativity depended on having a client, a commission, a project
  3. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net creative enough to

    call ourselves creative minds? but, are our minds creative…?
  4. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net when we think

    of creative minds, we think of those we consider geniuses who are those for you? Take a moment, write it down
  5. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net We are biased

    against creativity but we’re typically unable to recognize it in ourselves.” “ scott barry kaufman wired to create.
  6. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net margaret Livingstone vision

    and art; the biology of seeing Vision is information processing, not image transmission.” “
  7. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net light has much

    smaller range of frequencies than sound (differences in wavelength are in nanometers)
  8. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net When the light

    hits the retina, it sends an electrical signal that passes the optic nerve to the thalamus. 
 john medina, Brain Rules “
  9. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net it is the

    result of a regular practice that engages motor, semantic, and visual skills.
  10. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net bryan lawson how

    designers think “The control & combination of rational & imaginative thought is one of the designer’s most important skills.”
  11. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net what if told

    you that one such way is to actually draw, doodle, or sketch?
  12. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net Jeffrey D. wammes,

    melissa e. meade, & myra A. fernandes, the drawing effect: evidence for reliable & robust memory benefits in free recall “Drawing enhances memory relative to writing across settings, instruction, & alternate encoding strategies…”
  13. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net deliberate practice “…

    practice that is purposeful & systematic. … deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. James Clear
  14. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net bruce lee “I

    don't fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks. I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
  15. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net Scott Barry Kaufman

    & carolyne gregoire wired to create “The quality of our ideas is a positive function of quantity.”
  16. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net creators create writers

    write coders code painters paint artists create poets rhyme musicians compose
  17. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net Melissinos “ “A

    writer who does nothing but write is like the moon, which gives off some light, but borrowed from the sun. A writer needs first-hand experience, which only working in another field can give him. Otherwise he is rewriting what he has read in other books.”
  18. [email protected] * [email protected] * almahoffmann.com * almahoffmann.net references John Medina

    • Brain Rules • Bryan Lawson • how designers think Scott Barry Kaufman & carolyne gregoire • wired to create Jeffrey D. wammes, melissa e. meade, & myra A. fernandes • the drawing effect: evidence for reliable 
 & robust memory benefits in free recall margaret Livingstone• vision and art; the biology of seeing