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2022 Hunter College Seminar in Geoinformatics

Alan McConchie
May 04, 2022

2022 Hunter College Seminar in Geoinformatics

Guest lecture at GTECH 708: Seminar in Geoinformatics

Alan McConchie

May 04, 2022

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  1. Doing Cartograph y as a Professional Amateur Alan McConchi e

    Lead Cartographe r Stamen Design @mappingmashups // @stame n Seminar in GeoInformatic s Hunter College, May 4, 2022
  2. Thoughts on open-source mappin g and working at Stamen Design

    Doing Cartograph y as a Professional Amateur?
  3. Mapping West Nile Virus at CARSI lab Early Warning System

    for West Nile Virus Risk Areas (2011) Carney et al. , Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases
  4. De fi nition of amateur 1. one who engages in

    a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession. • She played soccer as an amateur before turning professional. • a tournament that is open to both amateurs and professionals 2. one lacking in experience and competence in an art or science. • The people running that company are a bunch of amateurs. • He's a mere amateur when it comes to cooking. 3. devotee, admirer. • I am a philologist or amateur of the language … —Phillip Howard merriam-webster.com
  5. A tour of Stamen projects through the years American Panoram

    a dsl.richmond.edu / panoram a sta.mn / drb
  6. Albers USA + Territories map projection now available: github.com /

    stamen / geo-albers-usa-territorie s npmjs.com / package / geo-albers-usa-territorie s sta.mn / n7x
  7. Labels Label data must be reprojected too. Note how county

    labels only appear for the currently-active state.
  8. FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standard (US only) NUTS: Nomenclature des

    unités territoriales statistiques (Europe only) GADM: Database of Global Administrative Areas (worldwide)
  9. QGIS PostGIS CartoCS S Leaflet OpenLayers TileMil l D3.js GeoJSON

    OpenStreetMa p MapboxGL Tangra m Maptime t-shir t sta.mn / v32 Just a few open source mapping tools and format s we've used over the years:
  10. Tile renderer (Mapnik) Feature layers (CSV, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, KML) Leaflet

    (or OpenLayers) Tile cache / server (TileServer, TileStache, Tessera) Database (PostGIS) Raster tiles <HTML> <javascript> <css> </HTML> Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE) Styling language (CartoCSS) Vector data tiles OpenGL / WebGL Map Renderers (MapboxGL, Tangram) D3.js javascript mapping libraries javascript mapping libraries {.js} {.js} (non-map charts) canvas svg "Anatomy of a Web Map " #maptime lesson (circa 2016 ) sta.mn / qhg