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DevRel as Professional Career

DevRel as Professional Career


Alvaro Navarro

January 22, 2020

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  1. DevRel as Professional Career Alvaro Navarro 22 January 2020

  2. What is DevRel?

  3. What is DevRel? “ help to get software developers excited

    about building on top of your product “
  4. What is DevRel? DevRel is not about selling or promoting

    a product.
  5. Why DevRel matters? - DevRel actually isn't necessary at every

    company! - We help developers to succeed - Bridge between engineering team and customer - People who care about Developers’ needs - Passionate about the product they represent
  6. What skills are needed?

  7. “ We have backgrounds in software development, most of us

    contribute to Open Source, and many of us are even maintainers, meaning that we know when a product is or isn’t easy to use and we also know how to fix it “ What skills are needed? Ashley McNamara Developer Advocate at Microsoft
  8. What skills are needed? - Technical knowledge - Coding skills

    - Writing - Public Speaking Hard skills
  9. What skills are needed? - Communication - Quick learner -

    Approachable - Empathy Soft skills
  10. A day as Developer Advocate

  11. None
  12. A Day as Developer Advocate @ Hackathon 07:00 Coffee &

    Breakfast 09:00 Arrival to venue 09:30 Elevator pitch 10:00 Hackathon starts -- Time for hacking -- 22:00 Hackathon stops (some teams may stay working!)
  13. A Day as Developer Advocate @ Hackathon 09:00 Hackathon starts

    -- Time for hacking -- 15:00 Hackathon finishes 15:30 Solutions evaluation 17:00 Recap: feedback analysis & actions 21:00 Flight back $HOME
  14. Who is hiring?

  15. Who is hiring?

  16. Resources

  17. Resources

  18. Resources devrelcollective.fun bit.ly/37aibua

  19. Thanks! alnacle alnacle