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Associate Android Developer Certification

Associate Android Developer Certification

My experiences about taking the certification Associate Android Developer Certification

Arturo Mejia

April 07, 2017

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  1. Certification Overview • Lunched at Google I/O 2016 • Standard

    entry-level Knowledge • A tool for employers • Industry standard • Build Apps • Show your skills
  2. Get ready • Check the certification specs look for weak

    points • Start to studying a look for resources
  3. What you get from it? • New to Android •

    Clear specs Entry-level. • A way standout from the crowd. • Deep dive into what is behind of a library. • Senior Developer • Drill some concept and learn new ones
  4. Topics • Testing and Debugging • You are able to

    write test to verify the behavior of an app. • Application UI and UX • Being able to work with standard UI elements and as well custom views • Fundamental Components • Understand how Activities, Content Provider, Service and Broadcast Receiver works • Persistent Data Storage • Understand and being able to choose which type of storage is better for an specific situation.
  5. Topics • Enhanced System Integration • Extending applications to integrate

    with interfaces outside the core application experience through Notifications and App widgets.
  6. The coding exam • Mockup of every screen of the

    app • Detail description of the app behavior • Two days for handing in the app • Automatic testing and Someone check your code. • Human and Machine grading • Automatic testing and Someone check your code.
  7. what I like most is? • Clear specifications • It

    was clear what you should I achieve • Strong challenges • Every task was focus in item of certification rubric. • You have to analyze • One item may have multiple solutions and you have to find the best approach.
  8. The exit interview • One to one interview 30 minutes

    • You can schedule after you pass the code exam. • You must have your ID or Passport with you. • General questions about Android • Automatic testing and Someone check your code.
  9. Resources • Announcement at Google I/O 2016 •Associate Android Developer

    Certification Materials • My Repo with resources about the Certification • Associate Android Developer Fast Track • Android Developer Fundamentals Audacity