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Yugabyte DB - The Distributed SQL Database for Kubernetes

Yugabyte DB - The Distributed SQL Database for Kubernetes

YugabyteDB, an open-source, distributed SQL database that is designed to support all PostgreSQL features with full wire-compatibility and address exactly these needs - massive scalability, high availability and geo-distribution of data. It’s unique sharding and replication architecture that makes it a perfect fit for Kubernetes-based orchestration.
In this session, we will take a look at the design goals and a hands-on demo of YugaByte DB on top of Kubernetes and how it can be deployed on multiple public clouds and across geographic regions. We will also discuss the best practices, you should employ when deploying distributed SQL databases like Yugabyte DB on Kubernetes. Topics will include best practices and strategies concerning deployment orchestration, persistent storage, scaling, and monitoring.

Amey is a Principal Data Architect at YugaByte DB with a deep passion for Data Analytics and Cloud-Native technologies. In his current role, he collaborates with Fortune 500 firms to architect their business applications with scalable microservices and geo-distributed, fault-tolerant data backend. Prior to joining YugaByte, he spent 5 years at Pivotal as Platform Data Architect and has helped enterprise customers across multiple industry verticals to extend their analytical capabilities using Pivotal/Open Source Big Data platforms. He is originally from Mumbai, India and has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania(UPenn), Philadelphia.
Twitter: @ameybanarse
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ameybanarse/


March 07, 2020

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  1. Yugabyte DB - Distributed SQL database on Kubernetes Amey Banarse

    Principal Data Architect Yugabyte Inc. @ameybanarse
  2. 2 © 2019 All rights reserved. Introduction 2  Amey

    Banarse Principal Data Architect, Yugabyte Inc. ♦ Pivotal ♦ FINRA ♦ NYSE University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) @ameybanarse about.me/amey
  3. Kubernetes is massively popular in Fortune 500s • Walmart -

    Edge Computing KubeCon 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfPFrvDvdlk • Target - Data @ Edge https://tech.target.com/2018/08/08/running-cassandra-in-kubernetes -across-1800-stores.html • eBay - Platform Modernization https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news/ebay-builds-own-servers-intends -to-open-source/
  4. Why Data services on K8s? Containerized data workloads running on

    Kubernetes offer several advantages over traditional VM / bare metal based data workloads including but not limited to: • Better cluster resource utilization • Portability between cloud and on-premises • Frictionless multi-tenancy with versioning • Simple and selective instant upgrades • Robust automation framework can be embedded inside CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) or commonly referred as ‘K8S Operator’.
  5. 6 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. A brief

    history of Yugabyte Builders of multiple popular DBs Part of Facebook’s Cloud-Native DB Evolution Yugabyte team dealt with this growth first hand Massive geo-distributed deployment given global users Worked with world class infra team to solve these issues Yugabyte founding team ran Facebook’s public-cloud scale DBaaS +1 Trillion ops/day +100 Petabytes data set sizes
  6. 7 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. What is

    Distributed SQL? SQL & Transactions SQL Massive Scalability Geo Distribution Ultra Resilience A Revolutionary Database Architecture
  7. 8 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Open source,

    high performance, cloud native, distributed SQL database 100% Apache 2.0 Low Latency (Sub-ms) Kubernetes & Multi-Cloud
  8. 9 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Designing the

    Perfect Distributed SQL DB PostgreSQL more popular than MongoDB Aurora much more popular than Spanner bit.ly/distributed-sql-deconstructed Amazon Aurora Google Spanner A highly available MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database service Not scalable but HA All RDBMS features PostgreSQL & MySQL The first horizontally scalable, strongly consistent, relational database service Scalable and HA Missing RDBMS features New SQL syntax
  9. tablet 1’ tablet 1’ tablet 1’ Self-Healing, Fault-Tolerant Auto Sharding

    & Rebalancing ACID Transactions Global Data Distribution High Throughput, Low Latency YCQL SQL-Based Flexible Schema API YSQL Distributed Postgres API Distributed SQL APIs Natively runs in Containers, self service Design Follows a Layered Approach
  10. 11 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. o YSQL

    - Fully relational SQL API that is wire compatible with PostgreSQL o YCQL - Optimized Cassandra Query Language API o DocDB – High-performance distributed Document store – Offers strong consistency and multi row ACID transactions Design Follows a Layered Approach
  11. 12 © 2019 All rights reserved. All Nodes are Identical

    … … YugabyteDB Query Layer YugabyteDB Query Layer YugabyteDB Query Layer DocDB Storage Layer DocDB Storage Layer DocDB Storage Layer Can connect to ANY node Add/remove nodes anytime YugabyteDB Node YugabyteDB Node YugabyteDB Node microservices platform
  12. 14 © 2019 All rights reserved. 1. Single Region, Multi-Zone

    Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Consistent Across Zones No WAN Latency But No Region-Level Failover/Repair 2. Single Cloud, Multi-Region Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Consistent Across Regions Cross-Region WAN Latency with Auto Region-Level Failover/Repair 3. Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Cloud 1 Cloud 2 Cloud 3 Consistent Across Clouds Cross-Cloud WAN Latency with Auto Cloud-Level Failover/Repair Deployment Topologies
  13. 15 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Deploying Geo-Distributed

    DB on K8s • Scalable & Highly Available data tier • Business Continuity • Geo-Partitioning & Data Compliance
  14. 18 © 2018 All rights reserved. YugaByte DB Deployed as

    StatefulSets node2 node1 node4 node3 yb-master StatefulSet yugabytedb yb-master-1 pod yugabytedb yb-master-0 pod yugabytedb yb-master-2 pod yb-tserver StatefulSet tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-1 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-0 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-3 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-2 pod … Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume yb-masters Headless Service yb-tservers Headless Service App Clients Admin Clients
  15. 19 © 2018 All rights reserved. Ensuring High Performance LOCAL

    STORAGE Since v1.10 REMOTE STORAGE Lower latency, Higher throughput Recommended for workloads that do their own replication Pre-provision outside of K8s Use SSDs for latency-sensitive apps Higher latency, Lower throughput Recommended for workloads do not perform any replication on their own Provision dynamically in K8s Use alongside local storage for cost-efficient tiering Most used
  16. 20 © 2018 All rights reserved. Configuring Data Resilience POD

    ANTI-AFFINITY MULTI-ZONE/REGIONAL/MULTI-REGION POD SCHEDULING Pods of the same type should not be scheduled on the same node Keeps impact of node failures to absolute minimum Multi-Zone - Tolerate zone failures for k8s worker nodes Regional – Tolerate zone failures for both k8s worker and master nodes Multi-Region* – Requires federation of k8s clusters or submariner.io
  17. 21 © 2018 All rights reserved. Automating Day 2 Operations

    BACKUP & RESTORE Backups and restores are a database level construct YugaByte DB can perform distributed snapshot and copy to a target for a backup Restore the backup into an existing cluster or a new cluster with a different number of tservers ROLLING UPGRADES Supports two upgradeStrategies: onDelete (default) and rollingUpgrade Pick rolling upgrade strategy for DBs that support zero downtime upgrades such as YugaByte DB New instance of the pod spawned with same network id and storage HANDLING FAILURES Pod failure handled by K8S automatically Node failure has to be handled manually by adding a new slave node to K8S cluster Local storage failure has to be handled manually by mounting new local volume to K8S
  18. 22 © 2018 All rights reserved. Extending StatefulSets with Operators

    https://github.com/yugabyte/yugabyte-operator Based on Custom Controllers that have direct access to lower level K8S API Excellent fit for stateful apps requiring human operational knowledge to correctly scale, reconfigure and upgrade while simultaneously ensuring high performance and data resilience Complementary to Helm for packaging CPU usage in the yb-tserver StatefulSet Scale yb-tserver by 1 pod CPU > 80% for 1min and max_threshold not exceeded
  19. A platform built for a new way of thinking ➔

    Event + Microservice first design ➔ Team autonomy with platform efficiency ➔ 100% Cloud Native operating model on k8s ➔ Turnkey multi-cloud ➔ Full Spring Data support
  20. 27 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Key Differentiator

    Cloud-agnostic, Kubernetes-native, high performance • Flexibility to run internal DBaaS on AWS or on-prem • Integration with PKS, Service Broker and Marketplace for internal PaaS • Multi-master deployment required ✓ This is a technical win ✓ Starting out with a key OLTP application ✓ Interested in building out cloud-agnostic private DBaaS to power private PaaS Other Appealing Features Scalability & High Availability Operational efficiency (zero-downtime day 2 operations) Full PostgreSQL support (eventually replace Oracle) Kubernetes-Ready A Large US Healthcare provider
  21. 28 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Key Differentiator

    Kubernetes-native, multi-region database • Enable users to build stateful edge applications • Move data across multiple geographies • Deployments become cloud-agnostic ✓ Building an edge cloud solution ✓ Looked at multiple DBs before picking YugabyteDB ✓ Repeatable “telco” and “edge” play Other Appealing Features Scalability & High Availability Yugabyte Platform (turnkey solution for service providers) Low Latency Kubernetes-Ready A Large US Telco provider
  22. 30 © 2018 All rights reserved. A Real-World Demo Yugastore

    – E-Commerce app on the cloud native stack Deployed on https://github.com/yugabyte/yugastore-java
  23. Classic Enterprise Microservices Architecture CART MICROSERVICE PRODUCT MICROSERVICE API Gateway

  24. Istio Traffic Management for Microservices CART MICROSERVICE PRODUCT MICROSERVICE API

    Gateway CHECKOUT MICROSERVICE UIU UI APP Galley Citadel Pilot Istio Edge Proxy Istio Control Plane Istio Service Discovery Istio Edge Gateway Istio Route Configuration using Envoy Proxy
  25. Yugabyte Spark Integration • Analytics and Aggregate Queries • ML

    workloads - Recommendations and Rankings • Uses pySpark, OSS Spark-Cassandra connectors Source Tables Derived Tables Enrichment / pre-aggregation Batch Aggregates
  26. 35 © 2019 All rights reserved. Join the community yugabyte.com/slack

    We stars! github.com/yugabyte/yugabyte-db We’re Hiring! bit.ly/yugabyte-careers