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Leveraging the power of social media as a developer

Leveraging the power of social media as a developer

Amarachi Amaechi

February 21, 2021

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  1. Developer in vogue 2021 Leveraging the power of social media

    as a developer
  2. Frontend developer & Technical writer Hello, Amaechi Amarachi

  3. Social media has become an integral part of nearly everyone’s

  4. What makes a Good developer Technical skills Social skills

  5. Being part of a developer community Know that each social

    media platform has its own vibe and purpose.. Cross promote your content on several social media platforms. 01 02 Effective ways to use social media 03
  6. How developers can leverage the power of social media Identify

    your audience Choose the right channel Create a content strategy & real value Show your work Connect with people Stay consistent
  7. Social media is about connecting people to people.

  8. Benefit of social media to developers Educate yourself Increase your

    visibility Share your expertise Build relationships
  9. Social media used by developer

  10. —Dave Willis “Don’t use social media to impress people, use

    it to impact people.”
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